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Durarara!! Character Song Collection Cover by Suzuhito Yasuda-sensei March 24-25
Sat, Mar. 24, 2012 / Posted 2 years ago


Durararapping!! Durarara!! Character Song Collection
Release date: 2012.05.23
Price: ¥2,625

Live stream date: 2012.03.24 - 7:00PM (Japan time)

» Link to USTREAM «

Sensei drew in this order:
* Anri (Toki)
* Ruri
* Shizuo (Tsugaru)
* Mikado (Gakuen)
* Masaomi (Linda)
* Izaya (Hibiya)

Hibiya: ‘I want to drink a beer…’

Please note the change of time for tomorrow’s stream: 6:30PM

Featuring characters for tomorrow: Kadota (Tsuppari), Shinra (DIAMONDS), Celty (Rouge), “Pink” Shizuo (Delic) & Izaya (Psyche)

Last thing, Happy Birthday to Roppi-kun♥

Live stream date: 2012.03.25 - 6:30PM (Japan time)

» Link to USTREAM «

Sensei drew in this order:
* Kadota (Tsuppari)
* Celty (Rouge no Dengon)
* Shinra (DIAMONDS)
* Izaya (Psyche)
* Shizuo (Delic)

- END -

If you’ve the possibility, please remember to purchase the Character Song Collection and support the series. m(_ _)m

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